FEBRUARY is one of the two coldest months, the other being January


FEBRUARY is one of the two coldest months, the other being January. We feel more optimistic about the weather when February comes because we know that Spring will soon be on its way bringing milder days with it. But of course, that may not be so, as British weather is notoriously unpredictable.

We literally see red during this month when shops put on their Valentine-themed displays of hearts, Cupids, cards, flowers and chocolates. Some say that Valentine’s Day is too commercialised (just like Christmas is) and that bouquets and confectionery cost a fortune on this occasion. Maybe so, but what woman would refuse a beloved’s offering of red roses and a box of Godiva?

Speaking of offerings, what we have for you in this issue is a labour of love, as always.

We’ve got great news from our home country – our president giving praise to the OFWs’ role in enhancing our country’s image abroad, and a Pinay film actress winning international awards and a Golden Globe nomination. Moreover, we have the privilege of publishing a piece by a multi-award-winning Filipino writer.

We celebrate the Month of Romantic Love with an article telling us how we get a little loopy when we’re in love, but in a good way. We’ve got a story about a Pinay bride who uniquely chose a five-kilo onion bouquet for walking down the aisle. (Spoiler alert: She skipped the tossing ritual, in the interest of health and safety). Our main feature is about a well-known restaurateur couple’s love story.

Our Philippine embassy in London had been busy hosting events, and we have those news stories for you. A community group for Filipino mothers makes its debut in Yes Philippines.

All these and more should make for an informative and enjoyable reading this month. So, get started, and as you leaf through, why not sing or hum the famous Beatle song, ‘All You Need Is Love’? But go easy on those premium chocs!

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