September has come and it’s time for us to say goodbye to summer

SEPTEMBER has come and it’s time for us to say goodbye to summer.

In recent months, we’ve had all sorts of weather – from pleasantly warm sunny days, to oppressively scorching hot days, and typically British rainy days.

The temperature has now dipped considerably, and autumn is waiting in the wings.

The Filipino community had been exceptionally busy with different joyous summer activities such as food and music festivals, anniversary event, sportsfest, outreach programme, and heritage day. If you missed some, or all of them, you can get a feel of the jolly atmosphere enjoyed by the lucky ones by reading about them and by looking at the lovely photos that are spread all over this month’s issue of Yes Philippines.

On a sad note, we have lost our beloved Queen Elizabeth II early this month. Our community in the UK extends its condolences to the Royal Family, with some of our fellow Pinoys sharing their reaction to her passing as we join the rest of the world in mourning the death of Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

It is a fitting time to look back at our native country’s historical ties with Great Britain. In the Philippine history corner, you’ll find an account of the landing of the British flotilla in Manila more than 250 years ago. In a related article, we get a glimpse of the present economic relations between the two countries in a report on the announcement of the UK’s increased investments in the Philippines.

All these and more are in your favourite news magazine’s September offering. So, make time for an informative and entertaining read.


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