The Outreach & Community Affairs Committee, inspired by the success of the ‘Getting to Know You Afternoon Tea Party’, held its own event “FUN TIME AFTERNOON” last Saturday 13th August at the Artist Corner of the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London. It has been a while since the Association has held an event for senior members of the community due to the COVID pandemic. The event gave them a real treat with an afternoon off to meet and mingle with fellow friends and meet new ones! – EAT, ZUMBA, and BINGO!

As always, eating together essentially enabled us to stay connected and allow bonding to take place over food. We all know that people love food almost as much as we love each other, so together they bring happiness and joy to us all. Noodles, sweet potato fries, a variety of delicious pizzas, and jugs of iced water were served on the day. The delicious Pinoy ‘empanadas’ donated by our Master of Baking, Ms. Chelo Valencia, was added to our menu and was enjoyed by everyone.

After catching up over food, it was time to burn calories. Maniland Glamour ladies, Mary Rose Laurea and Grace Pineda led the group for the Zumba dance/workout routine full body workout which is extremely beneficial for older adults.

It has a multitude of benefits and is a full-body workout that encourages you to dance, sweat, meet new people, and enjoy! It promotes flexibility, raises the metabolism, increases strength, promotes a better posture, and increases endurance. Everyone has had an ENJOYABLE & FUN time . . . more sweating, of course, and aching muscles to follow!

Finally, the ladies engaged in a fun game of Bingo, an old game that dates back to the 16th century. It is surely the one that is the most social and user-friendly, mostly played by women who appreciate its light-hearted nature, social component, and easy-to-follow rules that allow them to communicate with each other whilst playing. Many of the Bingo prizes were donated by members of FWA-UK, while a grand prize of a dinner for 2 at Coco’s Lounge was won by a prospective member from Morocco.

Ladies who took part were Bing Cabatic, Nannie Perez, Linda Challis, Nieves Bates, Rina Grosser, Pat Shah, Cel MacFarlene, Lydia Sumang, Dulia Prado, Imee Pinto, Zanie Delmundo, Amor Bayudan, Patty Realeza and Batcha.

Before we all said goodbye, Lydia Sumang surprised us with a birthday cake! Everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Ms. Linda Challis.

Thank you to the members of the Outreach Working Group such as Lydia Sumang, Nanie Perez, Pat Shah, Mary Rose Laurea, and Bing Cabatic who helped organise another successful event.

Eat, Zumba and Bingo were the themes of the fun afternoon! Everyone went home with a big smile on their faces.

Thank you, FWA-UK!

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