Winning at Life


CONGRATULATIONS to England for winning the Union of European Food Associations (UEFA) Women’s Euro 2022! Watching the match was exhilarating and it made me reflect on this article.

When you think of winning, you probably think of competition. There are winners and there are losers. Someone will feel lucky while some will feel out of their luck. Someone walks away with a prize and there are those who come home empty handed. Then there could also be judges choosing the winners. They will judge you based on your credentials, achievements, contribution to society, and other factors. They could also have mechanics for judging and may even hold their own biases. It could also be a sporting match, wherein the winner may have spent more hours training. There are also contests that rely on luck, the game of chance.

I’ve had a lucky streak winning raffle prizes, from electronic gadgets, hotel accommodation, chauffeured ride, meals, and loads more. What have you won in raffle prizes? What contests have you won?

Do you remember that rush of feeling you get when you’ve won something? It feels great that out of the many people who joined the contest, who played the game, you emerged as the winner. Only if you can replicate that feeling of winning in your everyday life. On this episode, I’ll talk about ways you’re winning at life, whether you know it or not.

  1. You love and respect yourself. You’re gentle on yourself. You feed yourself healthy food, get enough rest. You take note of your strengths, talents, skills, and achievements. Even if the world might not always recognize your efforts, your belief in yourself will see you through.
  2. You learn from your mistakes and move on. You don’t carry excess baggage from your past. You’re a better version of yourself today than yesterday.
  3. You’re grateful for your blessings and the life you live. You’ve survived challenges and came out victorious.
  4. You follow your heart’s desire. You know what your true self wants. You have real passion for what you do. Even when things get tough, you get criticized, you find ways to push on and improve your craft. You might even discover you excel in a different field that’s related to your passion.
  5. You value relationships. You connect with others. You get the support you need and you pay it forward. You make the most of what you have with people you love.

    Hope all those tips contribute to give you the ‘winning at life’ attitude.
    I would like to share my poem. It’s entitled “Triumphant Victor”.

Feelings float like the wind
Drifting from time and space.
Thoughts are weightless while moving
At a dizzying pace.
Images gather around
Changing form and pattern,
Life turns to an adventurous maze
Presents many things to learn.
Every new day twists and turns
In an unpredictable way
Nothing stays the same forever
Prevalent paths may lead astray.
Swim against the tide and blend with the storm
But don’t drown in sorrow
Remember that trials of faith
Provide opportunities to grow.

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