Lito Atienza
Lito Atienza, 80, has represented the Buhay party-list as a lawmaker in the Lower House since 2012. He has held several seats in the City of Manila since the 1970s, ultimately becoming mayor for three consecutive years from 1998 to 2007.

As Buhay representative, Atienza opposes divorce, same-sex marriage or civil unions and the death penalty. He has also sought to repeal the Reproductive Health Law, claiming that the law’s promotion of birth control and use of artificial contraceptives and the possible legalization of same-sex marriage through the anti-discrimination provision violate the 1987 Constitution.

Atienza had intended to retire from politics and serve as an advisor to Senator Manny Pacquiao on his campaign but was convinced by the boxer-turned-lawmaker to seek the vice presidency as his running mate.
He is campaigning on a platform of good government and the elimination of corruption to provide a better life for Filipinos, listing 22 high-level agenda items to be tackled in a Pacquiao-Atienza administration.

Walden Belo
Walden Bello, 76, has been an activist, social worker, academic and political analyst since the mid-70s. He served as a representative of the Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party from 2009 to 2015.

Bello is a doctor of sociology which he teaches along with public administration at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is also an international adjunct professor of sociology at Binghamton University, a top public school in New York State, US.

After the Laban ng Masa coalition launched a 300,000 signature campaign to urge Bello to run for president in 2022, he eventually agreed to be Leody de Guzman’s running mate. As a tandem, De Guzman and Bello propose to “demilitarize society, uphold human rights and punish mass-murderers and plunderers.” Bello claims that their platform offers the kinds of reforms capable of stopping what he calls the “Marcos-Duterte axis of evil”.

Rizalito David
Rizalito David, 60, is a pro-life advocate and perennial candidate for public office. He has long-espoused stances which he says are guided by his Catholic faith, including opposition to what he claims are the “anti-life” provisions of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, same-sex marriage, abortion and divorce.

David is running for vice president on a platform of centering faith in the formation of policies, restoration of confidence in government, and cultural revival. He is also advancing his policy as a supposed alternative to the political control of oligarchical families in the country, to combat the amorality and cynicism of the general public and promote faith restoration.
David also opposes mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, citing his belief in each person’s right to informed consent.

Sara Duterte
Sara Duterte, 43, is the incumbent mayor of Davao City. She became the city’s first female mayor and the youngest to ever be elected in its history.
Duterte is the running-mate of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. She entered the vice presidential race at the last hour via substitution after initially claiming that she had no interest in seeking a national post.

Mayor Duterte is running on shifting the system of government to federalism to veer away from what she derides as “imperial Manila,” a hark back to her father’s own campaign rhetoric. Her last-minute substitution into a national race is also reminiscent of her father’s own run.
The Marcos-Duterte tandem is formally backed by several other heavyweight political clans including those led by former Presidents Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Joseph Estrada.

Manny SD Lopez
Manny SD Lopez is an economist and management professional, touting decades of local and international experience.

Lopez headed Empowered People’s Initiative and Reform Movement Alliance or ePIRMa, which advocated for people’s initiative as a means of charter change, and the 2.22 Coalition, which sought government reforms and the mass resignation of top officials in favour of a “transition government” during the administration of President Benigno Aquino III.

Lopez said that he was prompted to run at the urging of the Workers and Peasants Party’s late chairman, Jose Malvar Villegas. He is campaigning on a platform of boosting economic recovery through lending and direct investments, reform of the people’s initiative mechanism and improving government efficiency and competency as an anti-corruption measure.

Willie Ong
Doc Willie Ong, 58, is an internal medicine specialist, cardiologist, author and medical commentator who gained popularity primarily through social media where he offers medical and healthcare-related advice.

Ong left ABS-CBN’s ‘Salamat Doc’ in 2018 to run for the Senate, running a campaign backed by his substantial online presence and strong support from migrant Filipino workers. For a neophyte candidate, Ong placed a surprisingly high 18th place in the polls with 7.6 million votes.
He has been supportive of the COVID-19 vaccines’ efficacy, a contrast to his vocal opposition to the dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia. Ong maintains his stance that there is no conflict between his beliefs, arguing that Dengvaxia is different from the COVID-19 vaccines.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso chose Ong as running mate in the 2022 elections for his medical background and expertise. Ong is advocating for health system reform, including improved support for health infrastructure.

Kiko Pangilinan
Kiko Pangilinan, 58, is an incumbent senator and the president of the once-ruling Liberal Party.

Prior to his marriage to actress Sharon Cuneta in 1996 and his election to the Senate in 2001, he gained fame as a legal commentator in various mass media programmes.

Pangilinan was the lone negative vote on Senate Bill 1564 or Bayanihan II, which allocates a P140 billion standby fund for recovery programmes to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. He cited the alleged previous misuse of the funds (R.A. 11469, or Bayanihan I), and the failed efforts to curb the spread of infections despite severe mitigation measures imposed on the Filipino people.

He is also one of two senators who voted against the passage of the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

Pangilinan decided to forego his Senate reelection bid to run alongside Vice President Leni. He is campaigning on ensuring food security, managing the pandemic and addressing corruption.

Carlos Serapio
Carlos G. Serapio is a lawyer running for vice president under the Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi Party. He specializes in cross-border transactions between Japan and the Philippines in his legal practice and served numerous consultancy posts under the Aquino administration’s Office of the President.

He is campaigning on a platform of establishing a federal system of government and addressing the pandemic.
Serapio, who says he was arrested during the Martial Law regime of the late president Ferdinand Marcos, also works with labour and Christian movements.

Vicente Sotto
Tito Sotto, 73, the incumbent Senate president, has served in Congress for almost two decades and has authored over 100 laws.

He has often been tagged as a conservative lawmaker, largely because he continues to block the passage of the SOGIE Equality Bill in the Senate, claiming that some of its provisions trample on religious and academic freedom as well as women’s rights.

He also opposed the Reproductive Health Law when it was still being debated in the upper chamber but has since clarified that he has no issue with the enacted law which, unlike the Senate bill, does not permit abortion, population control and abortifacients.

Sotto is the principal author of the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 and has long supported the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.
Although Sotto, along with his running-mate Sen. Panfilo Lacson, is running as an alternative to the Duterte administration, the Senate under his leadership has generally legislated according to the incumbent president’s agenda.

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