APRIL brings us near the end of the Lenten season

APRIL brings us near the end of the Lenten season, which for us Christians, is a time for reflection on the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and for a celebration of His life at the resurrection on Easter Sunday – the most important day in Christendom.

Every year, many of us try to “give something up” as a form of sacrifice. These could be sweet treats, TV, video games, Facebook, shopping, coffee, etc. Those who made an attempt, would have begun on Ash Wednesday, early in March. They may have chosen to give up a life-long habit like smoking (albeit temporarily), or a favourite edible item such as chocolate. These worldly pleasures can be sorely missed during the six weeks of Lent and forgoing them seem unbearable, but it is important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, one’s sacrifice is infinitesimal: that is, compared to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

According to Wikipedia, the month of April was important to the natives of Las Islas Filipinas under the Spaniards “as it was associated with the influence of the Chinese during the Spanish colonial period.”

If you look up at the night sky this month, you could be in for a celestial treat as meteor showers bring their annual spectacle of bright lights above.

Speaking of treats, Yes Philippines has plenty for you in this issue. We conclude our special series on the May 2022 presidential elections in the home country as we present the vice-presidential line-up, and a timely article on not voting for political lapdogs.

We have a news story on two Pinoy high school students who made history at Cambridge by winning its debate competition, the first Asians to do so.

If you’re planning a holiday during the Easter break, our travel article can help you decide on your destination.

All these and more in your favourite news magazine. So, enjoy your copy from cover to cover while you wait for the Easter Bunny.

Happy reading!

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