Love the Life you Live


As we march into spring, we need reminders to refresh our lives.
Sometimes in life, you get distracted with all that’s going on around you. Due to life’s constant demands, you get pressured to do things you don’t want to do. While everyone experiences life differently, we all can work out ways to love our lives even more. Here are my ideas on how to love the life you live.

  1. Connect with your inner self. Tune into your intuition. Listen to your inner wisdom. What do you want from life? What impact do you want to achieve in your lifetime? What’s your purpose, your reason for being? What makes your heart sing? Take the time to ask yourself questions like these and get to know more about yourself every day. You’ll find out more about what you love to do, your values and what matters to you. It’s when you’re quiet and still that you realize you have more to do and say. Silence speaks a wealth of meaning to those who listen to their inner wisdom.
  2. Keep learning and growing. Constantly find ways to improve yourself. Be humble enough to accept you have a lot to learn from life no matter your age. Keep finding ways to stretch your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. Life is about fun and adventure. If you only did what you love, you would be missing out on things you have yet to love. Sometimes you have to stumble to discover your new passion. Go beyond what you normally do and awaken to bigger possibilities of you. Just remember growth comes with feeling awkward. We all have to start from somewhere to get to where we want to be.
  3. Build meaningful healthy relationships. Relationships enrich our lives and experiences with the world. Relationships help us in loving and cherishing life. From our relationships we get the support we need to become better individuals. We learn to cooperate, collaborate, and work as a team. We realize there’s more to life than ourselves.
  4. Celebrate Now. Live in the moment. It’s today that matters, not yesterday’s regrets nor tomorrow’s worries. While the sun rises and sets, keep believing every day is a reason to start anew on the road to a better you.
  5. Be your own best friend. Nourish yourself. While you aim to feed yourself healthy food, feed your mind too with inspiring thoughts. They say the longest relationship you have in life is with yourself. Take time to love and appreciate who you are. When you do, you’ll radiate love to others and life will get better around you. We’re all walking wounded wondering when we’ll heal wishing for the one who’ll whisk our worries away then we wake up and realize the one we’re waiting for is already within.

    Why wait for someone to love you before you love life? Love is all around and within you. The person you’re always with is you. Love yourself. As Bob Marley’s song goes, “love the life you live and live the life you love.”

    Here’s a love letter for you.

    Dear You,

    You have all it takes to live a good life. Believe in yourself. Be more confident. Trust in your capabilities. Connect with others. Share your gifts. Enrich your relationships. Take it easy. Reward yourself with delightful treats every now and then. Choose love and you move towards the right direction.


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