FWA-UK Executive Board Pays Courtesy Call on H. E. Ambassador Antonio Lagdameo & FWA-UK Patron, Madam Maria Linda Lagdameo


Suffolk Street, a venue very near the hubbub of touristy Trafalgar Square, was where the ladies headed to on the afternoon of Wednesday 6th October. The autumn air was unexpectedly warm, light and playfully breezy. It was enough to give the crown of the trees a hint of the season, a promise of the golden leaves about to fall. To the FWA-UK ladies, slowly convening at the entrance of the Embassy of the Philippines, feverish expectancy was palpable. After all the virtual meetings with Ambassador Antonio Lagdameo and Madam Linda Lagdameo, the chance to meet face-to-face with them seemed untrue. But hey, they were about to be presented to the distinguished couple as the newly elected officers of FWA-UK in a long-awaited courtesy call.

Chairman Dulia Prado opened the proceedings by introducing each of the members of the Executive Board.

* There are two Vice-Chairs, Atty. Crystal Dias, who handles the internal affairs of the Association and Arlene Morley, who looks after the external affairs such as the Fundraising, Special Projects, Outreach and Membership and Personal Development Committees. Crystal talked about the work of the Publicity Committee, which she shadows and gives help when needed, along with the Education and Scholarship Grants Committee. She initiated the virtual Christmas video streamed LIVE via Facebook which coincided with the showing of the typhoon calamities in the Philippines in December 2020. It earned excellent views and fundraised £2,800.

* Pat Shah has been the treasurer for 2 years running and affirmed the group of her deep respect for her position in keeping the purse of the Association safe. Adele Beltran is her assistant.

* Lydia Sumang, Outreach Committee Chair, emphasized on reaching out and connecting with other organisations in the Filipino community, by representing FWA-UK on their events and provides favourable feedback to the Executive Board.

* Linda Challis, Membership and Personal Development Committee chair, outlined the different activities of the committee on board beginning with organising a Christmas Party followed by the Founding Day in April 2022.

* Clarita Richardson, Education and Scholarship Grants Committee chair and PND Coordinator, talked about the 17 scholars from all over the Philippines, just a drop of the many who have come through the auspices of FWA-UK. She outlined the coming PND 2022 scheduled for 11th June.

* Wilma Lone looks after the Special Project of the Association. This project will commence as soon as the target of £10,000 has been raised to support a student through university/college.

* Ira Lehman, our secretary, shows an exceptional and unrivalled ability in monitoring the Association’s record keeping with Imee Pinto as her assistant.

* Raquel Scrivens, the indomitable chair of the Publicity Committee who supports and promotes all the committee’s projects and events on different platforms such as our website, Facebook, Instagram, and the quarterly Halo-Halo newsletter. She also contributes articles to ONE Philippines and YES Philippines.

* Nieves Bates, whose absence for a long time has made everyone’s heart grow fonder, is a Trustee. Other Trustees present were Nanie Tamayo and Chelo Valencia.

* Jeannette Thomson, the hardworking chair of the Fundraising Committee who’s also a Trustee, has set out her strategic plans to raise funds. Amor Bayudan, also an appointed Trustee is the Auditor of the Association. Both were unable to join due to work commitments.

* Dr Remy Reyes and Mrs. Nenita Garrad felt that with all the members of the Executive Board all geared up, their posts as Advisers are becoming redundant. The Board confides that they are more confident and happier with them around.

The ice has been broken, there followed unrivalled exchanges of pleasantries until everyone sang, ‘Happy Birthday’ to Madam Lagdameo. Chair, Dulia presented her with a beautiful card hand-made by Nene Martin and signed by everyone, a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake, specially baked by Chelo Valencia. All from FWA-UK.

It was time to say ‘Au Revoir’


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