Just as we are settling comfortably into the autumn…

Just as we are settling comfortably into the autumn, a second national lockdown has been announced by the government. With the clocks having been moved an hour backwards, it feels like time itself has been reset further back and we have seemingly reverted to spring, when the first lockdown began.

Pubs and restaurants are closed while visits to the gym and the hairdresser are not allowed. Most people will continue to work from home and be limited in their social interactions. There can be no trips to the cinema nor the theatre.

For many of us, these restrictions are inconvenient and burdensome. But if we look at some of the things that are still available to us – a support bubble, outdoor exercise, countless online courses, Zooming with friends and family, shopping for essentials (which should be good enough for the shopaholics among us) – life need not be dreary. And of course, there is a lot of time for reading and navel-gazing.

Speaking of reading, your newsmagazine’s November issue is as full of useful information and entertaining features as all past editions were. The familiar pages are there for habitual reference while seasonal subjects, like All Souls’ Day, are given prominence.

There are exciting news about people, places and institutions receiving awards and a tribute given to Filipino workers by an Englishman. Our cover story is about a prominent young British-Filipino athlete.
And that is not all. We have a new dish to serve, so to speak. Starting in this issue, we will be highlighting the exemplary lives of Filipino frontline workers. Can’t wait to get started? So, turn the page and off you go. Happy reading!

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