A 2nd Filipino Visionary Fashion Fair at the House of Lords

MITCH DESUNIA—in association with Parkfleet Consultancy Services Ltd. and its owner business impresario Marie Cordero Fairbank—presented her 2nd exclusive event: a forum and a fashion show called ‘Fashion in Support for Sustainable Environment’ in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace of the House of Lords from 3:30 – 6:pm on Friday- 21st February 2020.

Luminaries and speakers graced the event. In attendance was Ambassador Frank Cimafranca , the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Philippine Embassy. Along with him was his wife Lu Calunsag. Swiss entrepreneur DemeeKosh was also there. Other important personalities were Filipina World Influencer and Ambassador for Europe Filipino World Trade Chloe Treend, a British actress, singer, film producer as well as Councillor Cynthia Barker of Hertsmere Borough Council. With her was Philippine Embassy Consul Stacy Danika Garcia who also served as the moderator for the day.

With the London Eye and River Thames in the background, Las Pinas based designer Mitch Desunia showcased original fabric designs significantly highlighting weaving work like the ‘Inabel’ from the indigenous people of the Ilocos region. The show was witnessed by a number of UK government officials, fashion business traders, international guests from Switzerland, Vienna, Paris, Milan and a delegation of Chinese Diplomats. Among the top models of the show that walked for Mitch were:
Chloe Ellman-Baker – A typical English Rose beauty, Chloe is a Brighton-based actress, influencer, dancer and world supermodel. She was crowned Miss Diamond and Teen Miss Regency International in 2018.

Rosemarie Lloyd – London based actress of Scottish, Welsh, Irish, French and Italian descent who already has the following beauty titles under her belt as Miss Worldwide 2017-2018, Miss Great Britain Elite, Miss EARTH Air 2017and most recently, Miss UK Pure International 2019.

Dara Bascara – Bred in Quezon City, stunning ‘Pinay’ commercial print model Dara is signed up with the Sandra Reynolds Agency. She is a candidate for a PhD in Philosophy at the Birbeck College University and expects to get her doctorate this coming July. For the last 6 years, while doing a lot of commercial print jobs for the Asian market, Dara has been a Philosophy Tutor at the Birbeck and Kings Colleges here in London.

Olivia Nelly – Teen Miss Diamond Staffordshire
Jasmine Pride Garratt – Mrs Miss Diamond Hertfordshire
Iris Hota – Junior Miss Diamond Dorset
Vivienne Monique – Mini Miss Diamond South East London. The Miss Diamond UK is the brainchild of Director Tina De Bear.
The rest of the adult models were: Caitlin Eliza Rances, Ameesha Clarke, Kacey Coleen Lim-Pedley, Kimberly Rose Famero, Ina Nica, Chantelle Begg, Angelina Kali, Lili Muntianu, Bella Achiaou, Kiara Fereira, Dani Kerr, Anqi Zhu, Nicolette Aguilar, Ellie Baldwin, Alaba Sanchez Blanco, Alison Eitner, Jazmin Hope Romany Lusher, Sarah Marriot, Maurisa Coleman, Ralph Ashley Cabanlig

The other kid models were: Gwenette Burgos, Ariana Panico, Airelle Dane Diestro, Alexis Louise Diestro, Isabella Watson-Gandy

Contributors to this momentous event:
Mitch Desunia Crew Team: Erwin Flores, Ninah Aguila, Ali Ali, Jugger Onate, Elle Llagas, Peterson Otordos MUA and Pureza Jones MUA

Media Team: Ram Eagle, Thirdy Ado, Chris Rudio, Jumarey Mosuela, Raj Art, Gordon Geraldo, Anthony Free and Paul Winstone.

Exclusive interview with Gordon Geraldo for
‘YES Philippines’ News Magazine

GG: Greetings and Congratulations on an exquisite fashion show! Mitch, are you able to give me an epilogue to what we have witnessed tonight?

MD: “For today’s collection, I’ve thought of the environment especially in terms of using more fabrics that truly last. With regard to this, I would like to help communicate that in the Philippines, like up north in the Ilocos Region, there are traditionally woven fabrics. I thought that with a little alteration here and there, the designs will be more globally-competitive. Hence, we came up with native fabric designs like ‘Inabel’ – a form of native Ilocos weaving tradition passed down through generations in Ilocos, Philippines. They were skilfully modified to make them not so tribal. Now, I would like also to bring into consideration that the clothes we wear should not be the typical fast fashion. We don’t need to buy more clothes; instead, we should buy quality ones. Let us not contribute to the growing amount of fabric and clothing garbage and also the excess plastic packaging that come with every purchase.”

GG: What are your immediate plans after your London visit?

MD: ““After this show, already in the pipeline are more shows in the Philippines and a New York show in September. On the business side, I would like to set up my flagship store here in London. We’ve talked to some lawyers and accountants with regard to how we’re going to address the legalities of putting up a UK business … a Mitch Desunia Flagship Store.”

GG: As you are from the Philippines – a Far East country and the scare that’s happening worldwide because of the Corvid19, what was your biggest drawback in coming over to deliver your message ?

MD: “As you’ve noticed, the models on this show are well represented by different races and nationalities because I believe that we are one race only in this world … the human race. I would like to show everyone, with fashion … different nationalities could be seen as one. We don’t set or draw borderlines as I am designing not only for certain people but for everyone. And of course with a lot of things and issues happening with governments of different countries in the way they are handling the Corona Virus scare, we have presented today a model from China and we are brave to declare that it is not an issue of who is capable and not capable or who is healthy and who is not, but of course with every precaution that my team has put in place, I would like to tell everyone that in my shows… there’s really nothing to be scared of at all.”

GG: Thank you Mitch. Best wishes and I’ll be looking forward to your London flagship store launch!

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