Filipino figure skater ranks 17th in Volvo Open

Photo courtesy of  Mārtiņš Aiše.

Young Filipina lass, Adriana Lagman, 10, glides her way into the international ice rink finishing at 17th spot during the 40th Volvo Open Cup, Riga Latvia, 10 November.

Lagman started her passion in the ice rink at a young age of five. She started competing in the beginner’s level but with her skills, jumped four levels reaching Basic Novice last July.

Photo courtesy of  Mārtiņš Aiše.

Lagman is a disciplined athlete who wakes up daily at 4 am to get ready for her training. She gets to the rink at 5 am to start her warm-up before taking the ice for an hour and another hour off-ice lessons for physical body conditioning.
Her mother Abigael confessed, “Skating doesn’t only stop with her being on the ice to skate, so she needed more creative output for her body to develop well to show good performances.” Aside from figure skating, she is also engaged in ballet and taekwondo to supplement her skating and also swimming to help her calm her muscles during downtime.

This multi-talented figure-skater is also an ABRSM Grade 06 level violinist and has been playing for four years now. She is set to be an inspiration to young kids to pursue their passion with all of their hearts. She hopes to get every Filipino kid to be proactive and to grow engaged with sports passionately.

Photo courtesy of  Mārtiņš Aiše.


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