Filipino builds Lego Open MRI to help anxious patients, asks support to make it a reality

Apollo Exconde, a UK-based radiographer designed Lego Open MRI, a toy that aims to give hope to help patients eliminate misconceptions or worries on the treatment.

In his profile in Lego Ideas (, Exconde aims to not only do the fun stuff of building a lego but also to explain to the patient how MRI procedure will be carried out. He even described it as “amusing and interesting for everyone.”

Exconde, with a special interest to anxious/claustrophobic and plus size patients, built this design based on his patients’ suggestions and recommendations. The toy has a sliding table feature that will show the patient’s head and body and how it will be positioned in the machine. Moreover, it can also be transformed into another scanner replica with the same bricks. One can create an upright MRI, CT scan and DEXA scan.

As a result, Exconde hopes to bring medical imaging scanners closer to anxious patients like kids as something fun and interactive exhibiting its medical benefits.

He is already halfway to reach the 10,000 votes he needs to make the idea into reality. As of this writing, the Open MRI has already gained 5,693 supporters with less than 400 days to go before completion.

To support Exconde with his idea, visit and look for Open MRI.


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