After living in the UK for so long, we’re all aware of the difficulties…


After living in the UK for so long, we’re all aware of the difficulties of living in a foreign land. Of course, not everyone who decides to venture into the world does so in good circumstances.

This month of November, our cover features Sylvia Galanza Orlando, whose story is relatable to some of our kababayans, who have made the same decision to move away from home in search for greener pastures. To provide for her impoverished family in the Philippines, she travelled to the Middle East and Hong Kong, only to experience emotional and physical abuse.

After staying strong despite several strokes of bad luck, Sylvia found an opportunity to change her life for the better in the UK and worked hard to become who she is today – a successful entrepreneur with several restaurants under her belt, and a landlady with houses and flats she rents out.

The strength that she has shown in the face of physical and emotional abuse is truly something to admire and is an inspiration to all of us Filipinos based in the UK and all over the world!

Other than our amazing cover story, our November issue also talks about Sunil Kandola’s 9,000-mile journey to save the children. Sunil endured more than a hundred days of overcoming the limits of his mind and body to travel to China from the UK by bike. It sounds impossible but this amazing young man powered through with his advocacy of helping children in his heart.

The cold weather is starting to take over the UK this month but we hope that our stories of well-deserved success after harrowing adversities will warm everyone’s hearts and remind you all that taking risks is part of the path to victory. Keep warm, everybody!

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