Filipino Community Leader of the Month: Jeanette Thomson

Jeannette’s voluntary active participation in the work of most of the committees from Day 1 has properly informed her to understand the Association in its totality. This, plus her unquestionable commitment made her a valued member and officer of the Executive Board, and highly qualified Chairman.

Equipped with this confidence, as Chairman, she led the amendment of the Constitution to make FWA-UK relevant to the present needs of the communities we serve. As a reminder of some of the activities she was involved with in the different committees throughout the years.

In the Scholarship and Grants Committee, she recommended that FWA-UK supported Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation Inc. (KEOFI), a charity foundation that help poor children and families in Metro Manila for more than 25 years. FWA-UK sent funds for 3 years to help the street children who are being sheltered by the Foundation. Some of these children are products of prostitution, drug abuse and poverty.

During the preparations of the PND event, Jeannette assisted in the flower arrangements to decorate the tables at the venue. She enjoyed being involved in this activity which continue over the years. Selling tickets has always been a difficult task but she always managed to sell at least a table to support this major fundraising event. She was one of the members dealing with the production of the souvenir programme for the PND event and served as the main contact person of the designer in the production of the programme. She was emcee at this event for two consecutive years.

In the Membership Committee, Jeannette assisted in the organisation of the Salo Salo and the Christmas Party where she was an emcee once. She also choreographed and presented a Christmas dance with other members of FWA. She designed the membership form flyer to include vital information. She obtained, on behalf of the committee, benefits for members such as discounts at various business establishments such as Manila Supermarket, Josephine’s, Touch Spa, Cafe Romulo, Yumenoki.

With the Outreach Committee she collaborated by attending as many functions/charity events organised by Filcoms and the Support the Seniors activities.

She also collaborated with the Publicity Committee by uploading activities/events to FB, other social media sites and websites.
She formally presented to the board a worthwhile project called Support the senior citizens of FWA-UK and the community for approval. This was approved in November 2015.

For many years, Jeannette has devoted her energy towards making FWA-UK financially stable through her initiatives in making full use of its charitable status to seek funding from private (Virgin Giving and Crowdfunding sites) and local government agencies (London Trust) as well as the benefit of the HMRC Gift aid. To date, she has raised a total of £13, 915 single handed through her own fundraising campaign and her successful application for Gift Aid. This is the first time that our Association received a sizeable amount from the initiative of one person.

Jeannette has been an exemplary ambassador for FWA-UK at all our events and those of the community. The production of the FWA-UK information flyer has made us and our work more visible to our community and a great introduction to potential donors. Her achievements and accomplishments over the years that she serves FWA-UK as an active member, an officer and Chairman have been outstanding and there is nothing more admirable than to have someone like Jeannette whose performance and contributions go beyond her call of duties.

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