Darterong Pinoy UK-Ireland opens Summer Dart Tourney

Once again another successful Dart Event of Darterong Pinoy UK (DP UK) was held last July 6 at Stoke on Trent, the 3rd year of all Filipino UK and Ireland open dart tournaments held on the same venue of Our lady and St. Wereburgh parish hall in Newcastle Staffordshire and was organized by Rovimil Datu and Marlou Gadayan with the help of the host team(Stoke), friends and supporters.

Individual players and a team of Filipino darters from Dublin, London, Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Burton upon Trent, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Northwich and Stoke on Trent as the host team gathered together for this one-day event of dart tournament. There were players fully supported by their wives and friends which DP UK appreciated very much as well.

As usual trophies and cash await for all winners. Top 16 players for 501 singles guaranteed to bring home trophy as well as the four finalist s of 701 pair double Extra 4 trophies for the Bull master, Highest checkouts, Lowest dart finished and most T80’s made. That summarised into 28 trophies all together were awarded.

With the £30 entry fee from each participating player, this will include free foods (lunch until dinner) for all guests; players with their family and friends that made this event a dart feast for everybody. Hall booked to open at 1100hrs where all players meet up for acquaintance and registered. While the players busy warming up their dart throw, darters wives headed by Sheryll Gadayan (host wife) were very active as well setting up the foods on the buffet table as their way of bonding.

At 1200hrs buffet table was set and ready for lunch. The final event was started with the opening prayer by Regie Gadayan followed by a warm welcome from the organizer. Then food feast for everybody with “LITSON” on the table compliments by our very supportive “maling namit friends” Noel Galeno, Ronald Lim, Master Dexter, and our DP UK veteran legend Jun “Papsey” De la Cruz.

After lunch shortly house rules and order of the games were explained then drawing the 38 total numbers of participants to be divided into 4 groups at the elimination stage of Bull master and 501 singles. Around 1300hrs tournament begins playing the Bull master elimination where all players in each (4) groups will be given a chance to throw 9 dart pins and score as much as they can at the Bulls. Two top scorers, each group, 8 top players as expected will be qualified for the next round of Bull master Knock out system, where they will be drawn and paired to play a match-up game head to head against other top 8 players. Until the final two remain for the championship match later.
As soon the top 8 bull master qualifiers were determined, 501 singles elimination kick-off, all players of each (4) group will play round-robin best of 3 games and the top 4 players each group will go through to the next round of 501 singles knockout system. This will determine the top 16 qualifiers as well which guaranteed trophy for each.

After a challenging game of getting into the top 16 spots, Bull master championship match commenced between Vidal Pugales (Dublin) vs Conrad Gamban (Manchester), a thrilling match of throwing darts to watch. They played head to head with 15 dart pins to throw to make the most score they can make from the bulls, and between the two darters it ends up in favour of the Pinoy darter from Dublin, a victory for Vidal Pugales DP UK Stoke on Trent 2019 Bull master champion.

While the Bull master championship match played, pairing for classified 701 paired doubles was drawn where half top players were blind drawn to pair the bottom half. Straight after the Bull master final all set for the paired double 701 elimination knockout system rules and its game on. Each paired matches will play 701 best of 3 games only until the top 4 paired meet up on the semi-final. Paired of Regie Gadayan(Birmingham)/ Jay Bañaga (London) VS. Vidal Pugales (Dublin)/ Jojo Banaag (Northwich) and other paired semi-finalists match between Condrad Gamban (Man) / Steven Barlow (Northwich) VS. Dominic Sanchez (London)/ Denver Palentinos (Stoke). Nice darting match which resulted in a final match between Vidal Pugales / Jojo Banaag VS Dominic Sanchez / Denver Palentinos and the victory for pair of Vidal Pugales and Jojo Banaag.

Then here comes the top 16 matchup for 501 single knockouts. As the rule, they were drawn as well to play head to head match 501 best of 3 games knockout games. As the game match progress, the top 16 become 8 players then dropped into the top 4 to meet up on semis. These 4 have shown their best games to reach this semi finals. A match between Marco Aldaba (Stoke) vs Francis “Bong” Ronquillo (London) and Allan Turaray (Stoke) vs Noel Galeno (Nottingham). They all did their best throw of darts that excites everybody watching but it is Marco Aldaba vs Noel Galeno will meet on the most awaited final match. It was a game on 501 single best of 5 games where these two DP UK darters battled until the last deciding set on the fifth game. But there will be only one winner to lift the single champion trophy and that is the player of the host team, from Stoke on Trent its Marco Aldaba was crowned DP UK STOKE ON TRENT 2019 “MALONG SUMMER DART”.

Extra trophies for special awards were awarded to the following players: Most 180’s made by Michael Villasquez (London); Highest checkout of 124 by Kites Elchico (Northwich); Lowest dart finish of only 13 pins to finish the game done by Jerry Baguio (Nottingham).

Major awards with trophies and cash awarded to the following players: Bull Master for Vidal Pugales (Dublin) 701; Pair Doubles Semi-Final are Regie Gadayan (Birmingham) / Jay Bañaga (London) and Conrad Gamban (Manchester)/ Steven Barlow (Northwich); 1st runner up to Dominic Sanchez(London)/Denver Palentinos (Stoke); Champion awarded to Vidal Pugales (Dublin) / Jojo Banaag(Northwich). To 501 Singles award to following players Semi-Finalists are: Francis “Bong” Ronquillo(London) and Allan Turaray (Stoke); 1st Runner-up Noel Galeno(Nottingham); and 501 single Champion Marco Aldaba (Stoke).

The event ended up with picture taking and a thanksgiving speech to all participants by Rovimil Datu.

Marlou Gadayan (host/organizer), the man who really made his best of effort for this event would like to give a special thanks to the following Sponsors, Abel Santiago of EGGETTES KITCHEN, Amik Garceniego of FOREX CARGO and travel, Mathew of Quality Superstore, Sir james Diez, Jerry Bagio Sr, and to all malong “namit” friends to Jerome Cruz, Moriel Sepe and family, Polly Ajunan, Eugene Garillos, Roel Martin, Jimmy “Uthoy” Cabillon, Jeffrey Pineda, the team Northwich, to sir Arnold Roxas with team NEURO KCH London, Fred Montances, Franklin Daniel, Von Setubal and Ryan Dasalia. Special thanks as well to boss Rovi for the “nanit “ award, to Denz Jamolo of “Kinaray a” YouTube channel for the photos and videos, to all Stoke team for foods, and to all lovely DP UK wives whotake part, mabuhay po kayong lahat. Without your help and support, this event would not be successful. God bless all of you. Till next year.

The next upcoming DP UK Tournament will be on September 28, 2019 at Bury
Manchester. Kitakits po tayo doon mga kapukol! For more info and updates please visit or join us on our FB group Darterong Pinoy UK (DP UK) and experience the fun we all have Pinoy Darters of UK and Ireland.

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