Unity Games kicks off in the United Kingdom

Being a champion is the aspiration of any athlete. For those truly dedicated to their sport, standing on the winner’s podium is the pinnacle of their hard work and effort.

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in the UK conducted a sports event called Unity Games. Unity Games is an annual activity for Church Of Christ members to compete in friendly competition, take part in sports and encourage members to be active and healthy.

The event was simultaneously held in five different venues throughout the UK and Ireland, which were London, Eastbourne, Manchester, Newport and Dublin. The competitions held included basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, track and field and chess.

The venues were filled with excitement as supporters cheered on their teams and even their competitors. Banners and team colours added to the atmosphere as teams and individuals showcased their talents.

“I played volleyball and I really enjoyed playing because it mainly focused on teamwork and communication between the players, which strengthens the brotherhood within the team,” remarked Aaron James Patdu, who competed in the men’s volleyball competition.

Talking about their preparation for the activity, he said, “We had practices every Saturday for a few weeks… [which] were really productive and really strengthened the bond between everyone in the team.”

The efforts of the Church Of Christ members in the UK were a huge success and achieved the aim of being united even in competition.
The winners of the area competitions will proceed to the Unity Games finals in August 2019, bringing those competitors a step closer to standing in the winning podium.

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