YES Philippines NewsMagazine is back on its fourth issue…

YES Philippines NewsMagazine is back on its fourth issue to celebrate and recognize the stories of the Filipinos based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

We are here to talk about the stories of all the triumphs, performances, and events that have created waves in the community this past month and this issue is jam-packed with it from page to page. Most of us came to these foreign lands to try our hands at better jobs – at a better life.

We came here for one major reason: to work and earn for ourselves and our families. Many fulfill this goal and thrive – some even manage to go beyond. In this month’s issue, we will talk about the lives of our fellow Filipinos who not only established their careers but also made a name for themselves doing other crafts that they love just as much.

Mervic Monocillo is a nurse in the UK, but she is also a classical/kundiman singer on the side. Her singing talent has opened many doors for her and she even recently represented the UK in this year’s prestigious World Championship of Performing Arts in West Hollywood, California.

Right after her story is a feature on Romulo Palma, a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, who has founded the Royalty aimed at discovering and helping people with aspirations of succeeding in the worlds of international pageantry and modeling. Another Filipina that made a name for herself here is long time nurse Eden Iquin-Serrano who moved with her husband to the UK in the hopes of getting a better life.

Not only was she able to achieve this, but she also thrived and even became a multi-millionaire investor and entrepreneur. This issue contains many successes, but it also talks about one reality that happens no matter how much we try to stay safe. Joel Alama was an undocumented migrant who faced an incident at work that led to his death three years ago.

As we remember his life on his 3rd anniversary, we celebrate and recognize a fellow Filipino and a hero who put a co-worker’s life before his own as he tried to save a fellow fisherman before they faced the end. Along with these heartwarming stories, we also covered various events and festivities that took place all over the United Kingdom and Ireland such as the Aguman Kapampangan UK and the Dublin Festival of Families.

We also covered the Taste of Cavan, an annual food fiesta, and the Asian Day that hosted the first ever beauty pageant Mrs. Asian Isle of Wight where Filipinos showcased their beauty and talent. We thank you for your continuous support as we share the stories of many Filipinos that inspire, entertain, and inform. This copy in your hands is filled with many more community stories covering the news, events, and sports life here in the UK and ROI so sit back and relax as you read your way through our latest issue. Happy reading!

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