Two issues ago, we set out on a journey to tell the stories…


Two issues ago, we set out on a journey to tell the stories of noteworthy and outstanding Filipinos in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. This month, Yes Philippines Newsmagazine is back to fulfill the mission.

Welcome to our third issue. We hope that you’ll find a piece of the Philippines in our new set of features, articles, and coverages. 

While the United Kingdom is home to many Filipino nurses, only a few ones get to be recognized as the Nurse of the Year, much less have a tram named after them. This is the honour that nurse Luisa Marie Avanzado recently received. After 16 years of service, she received the most prestigious award of her life yet.

Raising a glass to Luisa’s latest achievement, we dedicated a feature to the award-winning nurse. Here, you’ll read about how Luisa strived since her relocation in 2001 and how her patients’ positive comments and her recent award somehow paid off all her hard work.

If we are to feature Filipinos working their way up, Charlie Bueno surely deserves a space. Most people know him as the chef in a viral seven-minute YouTube video with more than 1.4 million views. What most people don’t know is how Charlie ended up as a chef and a sort of a viral sensation in the first place, especially that he holds a degree totally unrelated to culinary.

After Luisa’s and Charlie’s stories, you can jump right in on the brief recap of Bradley Holmes’ performance at the UK Festival Caravan 2018. Talented and energetic, the rocker dad brought the Filipino-British communities together.

In this issue, you’ll also find yourself reading yet another piece about Filipino cuisine. We covered the recent participation of Romulo Café at We Love Asian Food Day. Again, the renowned restaurant gave East London a taste of Filipino cuisine and culture.

Our contributor Micah Lee is back as well. In her article, she tackled the pros and cons of going to a university. Honest and realistic, her piece will give you an idea if getting a degree is really worth the time, the effort, and of course, the loan. Inside the pages of this issue, you’ll also get a glimpse of our Face of the Month, Giselle Fernandez. This 19-year-old stunner was born in Makati City.

As Yes Philippines is a place to tell the Filipino community stories, we still dedicated an ample space for local news, events, and bits. In fact, we now encourage you to send your own articles of sports events. After all, we know that Filipinos stay active wherever they go.

Once more, we would like to thank you for supporting our attempt to share Filipinos’ stories that inspire, entertain, and inform. At the end of the day, we aim to have every Filipino in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland proud of our heritage and culture. Happy reading!