Great Voices was heard as Fil-Brit Newcastle celebrates its 10th!

People from the neighbouring towns and cities travelled to Newcastle to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the Fil Brit Services Newcastle. Held at Blaydon Rugby Club, last Saturday, June 23, 2018. The people celebrated by participating to their traditional Santacruzan wearing their best Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog. The beautiful Reyna Elenas paraded with their exquisite gowns. This religious activity, as brought down through generations was witnessed by many people of Newcastle. The Filipino Community have shared with the British people, a part of their culture that strengthens the relationship of the Filipino-British Community.

The event was graced by the visit of the Mayor of Gateshead, Mayor Jill Green. Mayor Green recognised the tremendous effort made by the organisers to holding an event that strengthens the camaraderie of the Filipino people as well as integrating themselves to the wider British Community. She also commended the strong presence of the Filipino Community in the healthcare industry, that gives a boost to the morale of the Pinoy’s who attended the event.

Impressive talents were shown on stage by local performers from Newcastle. From song, dance and band performances provided a display of varied talents, as proven with resounding applause, to every performance occurring on the stage. The Young Elvis Presley of Newcastle, Christopher Blakey, handsomely entertained the audience with the voice and movements of the King of Rock & Roll. The Millennial group called KPC7, together with solo dancers Allia Emmanuel, Zamora and Lexie Dizon, cleverly entertained the audience with their moves and grooves. The voices of Natalie Atkinson, Leanna Honeyman, Arnold Joseph Fortuna, Clye and Bunny Tan, plus the performance of th`e Firebird Band, were a magnificent spectrum of the celebration.

Two of the top-notch Local Pinoy Talents Gaga Lourd from X-Factor UK 2017 and Kim Galsim a.k .a. “Kim-tas-Tic” was a proof that Pinoy talents are world class. Gaga Lourd with her “oldies but goodies” repertoire mesmerised the crowd. When her husband, Chris Lourd joined her on stage to sing the Tagalog hit “Bakit Ngayon Ka lang”, which magnificently entertained the crowd. Kim’s genius act of reciting a poem detailing the history of the Philippines, has become a popular hit. Her repertoire of OPM songs excited the crowd into dancing. Gaga Lourd and Kim have been travelling across the UK performing at most of Filipino Community events.

The celebration continued with guest performers from the Philippines, Jake Zyrus, well known as Charice Pempengco, prior to his gender transition, and the Rocker Star, Bradley Homes were the highlights of the celebration.

Jake Zyrus with his rendition of both classic OPM and International hit lists have proven his standing with one of the most beautiful voices in the world, according to Josh Groban. He commenced his songs with Be my Lady and ended with Save the Last Dance.  Pistahan sa Newcastle is the first stop of Jake Zyrus Europe tour 2018 and made an immense impact on the audience who enjoyed every minute of his performance.

Bradley Holmes, the Philippines Rocker Stalwart and part of the Voice Philippines Season 2, under Apl De Ap indeed, rocked the stage. His opening number of Maria Cafra’s “Kumusta mga Kaibigan” brought a sense of pride as a Filipino away from home, and proudly entertained by the voice of Bradley Holmes. His first set was a great taster and his final act was a huge hit. The joy brought by Holmes in Newcastle with his final song “Salamat” summarises the huge appreciation of the Filipino British Community to the outstanding performances rendered by all the artists at the event. Pistahan sa Newcastle is part of Bradley Holmes UK Festival Caravan Tour 2018.

The collaboration and support of the Major and Minor Sponsors and Media Partners to Fil Brit community contributed to the resounding success of the event.

Fil Brit Services of Newcastle is headed by Sally Sellars. Sally and her team of volunteers have been staging this event for the past ten years.  Amidst the challenges of holding events, they have proven that working together as a team will definitely make a difference. When heaven and earth collaborated, excellent weather was a reward. Independence Day and Pistahan sa Newcastle 2018 was indeed the biggest and Best, Filipino Event in the North of England.

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