Packing for trips can be very crucial especially when you have lots of considerations to make.

How much is your baggage allowance? What seasons will you be in to? How long is your trip? Will you be working or studying during your stay? Plus of course, all the other factors included in your itinerary.

The most important to note is that when we say packing, we do not only refer to clothes and shoes, there are also other essentials that should be included in your travel luggage list and they are as important as your set of wardrobe. Whatever the circumstances are, your ultimate goal is to minimize the cost of your travel by opting to bring staple pieces and all the needed items rather than buying and shopping important slices along the way.

So what can a traveler do? Here are some tips for packing for all weathers:

1. Do the layers. When it comes to clothes, the key to any multi-weather travel packing strategy is layers. Instead of jamming in huge, bulky sweaters, jeans and sweatpants for a cold destination focus on leggings, tights, thin moisture-wicking/body temperature-regulating shirts, a bunch of warmers and long-sleeve shirts you can layer on top of off another — especially if you’re also going to a warm destination as you can add and subtract layers as needed.

These pieces are also very easy to style so you can stay comfortable and fashionable while braving all kinds of temperature and weather.

2. Double Down. Choose clothes that can do double duties like tank tops, cotton shirts and plain coloured blouses that can you both use for summer or layer under sweaters or jackets in winter. Pack flat shoes, canvas slip-ons, and loafers in neutral shades and materials which can be used in any season.

3. Lessen the accessories, bring only those items with purpose. You do not need a bunch of necklaces or earrings because surely, they won’t matter when you’ve sized up with your layers of clothing. Instead, bring shawls and cardigans which will not just serve as added accents but as comfy warmers too.

4. Fill the suitcase corners. Stuff a few pairs of shoes in the suitcase with rolled up socks, leggings, shorts and underwear. Don’t waste all the valuable corners of your suitcase. Master the art of rolling pieces as this keeps clothes tightly packed together plus again it saves up a lot of space.

5. Pack Travel Size Toiletries. Remember to take only what you need. Squeeze a few drops of your favourite shampoo or conditioner into reusable travel-size bottles and vials. Do the same with your night creams and other regimen essentials instead of bringing heavy bottles from your kit.

Packing these essentials in travel-sized packaging has an added benefit too. You can easily transfer them to your carry-on bag without busting airline limits for hand-carry liquids.

Finally, at the end of the day, note that the trick to packing wisely is to trim everything down to bare necessities. You will be on a trip and the best way to enjoy it is to avoid the hassle of bringing so much unnecessary baggages.

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