KAMPI SUPER LEAGUE 2018: 27th Summer Tournament in Full Swing


Last month, we saw KAMPI Basketball UK open its 27th-year tournament with 30 teams across four divisions, maintaining its position as the most prominent, longest running and most successful basketball league amongst the Filipino-British Basketball community.

Six weeks into the traditional summer season, we have already witnessed a lot of exciting match-ups all vying for a strong position in their respective divisions.

In the Men’s Open Division, Controllers (2015 Premier Elite Champion of Champions) are in pole position so far with an undefeated record of 4-0. Trailing them in the standings, top 6 or the Premier Elite group, Mapogos (3-1), Shockers (3-1), Wildcards (2-2), Sunics (3-0) and Rivals (2-1). There are still lots more games to play for these teams and no doubt a few more possible position changes are expected as the season goes on. We also can’t rule out the bottom four teams, London Lions, Westside Kings, Hoopstars and Silangan as they could still bounce back and creep into the Premier Elite group in their remaining 5-6 games.

With the new league format for this season, after this round, the top 2 teams will advance to the respective Premier and Elite Group Finals while waiting to face the winners of 3 vs. 6 and four vs. 5. Winners of those groups will play in the grand finals to be crowned the Champion of Champions.

The rising stars of the community, the U21 Development Division also continues to cause a lot of excitement with a powerful competitive group that consists of so much talent in every team. Halfway through their elimination round, the Young Sultan (2015 U21 Champions) have established a very promising momentum and are undefeated after three games. They are expected to top the group unless the likes of Generation of Miracles (2017 U21 Champions) can stop them in their tracks.

Wildcards Warriors remain a contender to finish the round 2 and with a game in hand, but Batang Controllers (2016 U21 Champions), a rejuvenated Aces (formerly Pharaohs) and Silangan Juniors are also vying for a strong finish. So right now the final positions are too close to call. With one team to be eliminated after this round, Hoopsters, the newest and youngest team of this division are yet to win a game.

But their valiant efforts so far, and with some standout players, don’t go unnoticed amongst the community.
In the other group of young talented ballers, the U17 Grassroots division sees DL Wildcards remain in pole position with three winning games. Expect them to top the group with two games remaining in the round. Bunsong Controllers, a newly formed team, trail them with a game in hand.

Hounslow Warriors, Omega Youth, Hope and Barako Strikers all have a chance to make the playoffs, and these games would give them the opportunity to build their confidence and provide a platform for the youngest players, some at the age 13, experience competitive basketball to showcase their talent especially to their parents and friends.

While in our Veterans 40+ Division, the top 2 positions are still quite close with Poker Boys (2017 Veterans Champions) currently leading but Bobcats (2016 Veterans Champions) with a game in hand remain undefeated. Just like the U21 Division, one team will be eliminated after this round, so their remaining games are all crucial to determine who will stay in the competition for the knockout stage.

Stay tuned to see how these veterans and the rest of the divisions fare as the rest of the season progresses with monthly updates in Yes Philippines.

Also, catch the KAMPI games live at two venues – Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy and Northolt High School every Sunday and witness some of these exciting matchups with the best of the best players in the Fil-Brit community.

For more information and updates regarding KAMPI, please visit Facebook and Instagram at KAMPI Basketball UK or email kampibasketballuk@gmail.com.

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