The Annual Celebration of the Philippine Independence and Flag Raising Ceremony held at the Iconic Landmark of the Welsh Capital City, Cardiff Castle last June 12 was spearheaded by Philippines SLAWUK (Samar – Leyte Association WALES, U.K.) one of the very active Filipino Associations in Wales, way back in 2013. It is a very important event in the Filcom calendar  attended by Dignitaries and Distinguished Guests from the Philippine Embassy in London and the sitting Lord Mayor of the City and County of Cardiff. Leading the flag-raising ceremony were Cardiff Lord Mayor Cllr Dianne Rees and Philippine Embassy Consul-General Senen Mangalile.

In 2015, United Filipinos in Cardiff, Wales (UFCW) had joined us and in 2017, the other 2 Filipino Groups namely Filipino Community in Cardiff (FCIC) and Filipino Association for Community Empowerment (FACE in the Vale) had come hand in hand in Celebrating this Annual Event which is a historical landmark for all the Filipinos in Cardiff City and in Wales.

It all started when we noticed that Cardiff Castle was displaying Flags from all over the world but the Philippine Flag was nowhere to be found in spite that so many Filipinos are living and working in Cardiff and the whole of Wales. So we thought of requesting Cardiff Castle to fly our National Colours and be represented in this iconic landmark in the Capital City of Wales. Since then, the Philippine Flag was proudly flying at the Cardiff Castle walls for around 6 months as the flags need to be changed and rotated.

Afterward, Philippines SLAWUK initiated the formal Flag Raising Ceremony and Annual Celebration of the Philippine Independence at Cardiff Castle showcasing our National Filipiniana Costumes, Patriotic Songs and Traditional Colourful Dances. Since then, we are so proud to invite everyone who is visiting Cardiff to look up at the Castle walls and see our National Colours proudly represented in our adapted City and Country. (Ferdinand Benedictos Magnaye, RGN)


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