With Lea Salonga, the original Kim in Miss Saigon

I have always had a passion for the Philippines and Filipino people. I guess this started when I was around 19 years old.

I had never actually heard of the Philippines until then to be honest. Geography was not my strongest subject at school and I guess the Philippines was a distant place with no real connection to my life. 
 Then it all changed in 1989 when I first went to watch what has become my favourite musical ever, Miss Saigon. These were the days before you could google where a place was or look at street view or anything like that. In fact in those days, calling abroad would cost you £2 a minute and we posted this thing called ‘a letter’.

With wife Susan on their 20th Wedding Anniversary

Joking apart, I bought a souvenir brochure at the show and quickly discovered that many of the incredible talented actors from the show originated from the Philippines, including Lea Salonga, Miguel Diaz, Robert Sena, Monique Wilson and Cocoy Laurel.

I decided to travel the 7,000 Miles or so in what was one of my first ever trips abroad and venture to the place I now call home. When I arrived, I was captivated by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Everyone was helpful, smiling and interested in why I went there.

With Filipino actress Shaina Magdayao

Yes, in those days, there was the occasional area you might not want to visit and the occasional scammer etc. However I have to say in all of my 55 trips and have found the country to be very safe and welcoming. Every time I go home, I continue to be impressed by the continual improvements in the country.

As there was no Facebook back then, when you wanted to stay in touch with people, you wrote them a letter or sent a FEDEX or similar and waited an age for a reply. Calling people of course was even more difficult and expensive.

So having fallen in love with the country, I decided to somehow dedicate a part of my life to the Philippines. Strange coincidence, but I ended up working with a filipino guy for a few years at London Buses, so through that, I got into Filipino culture, parties and a new circle of friends.

On a dinner date with wife Susan

My friend and his wife, then introduced me to my future wife, Susan, only recently we celebrated our 20th year of marriage. First time I met her family, around 21 years ago, I ended up staying with them and sleeping in a little Bahay Kubo, which was a little funny as I ended up banging my head every time I got up. Those were the days, remembered fondly haha.

Thing is, some people say why am I so interested in filipino culture, events, people and now politics, I guess it stems from my first impressions of the Filipino people from way back nearly 30 years ago, I hope and pray that other foreigners like myself, fall in love with the culture and people, I now regard as my extended family.

With President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacanang last Dec 27

Maybe I was a Filipino in a former life, whatever it is, I am just at my happiest when I am either in the Philippines or with Filipinos. I am very fortunate that through that passion, I have got to meet some very famous Filipino actors, (some even follow me on Instagram lol) Ambassadors, politicians and even three Philippine Presidents.

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  1. Dear Mr.Conlan,

    I was amazed by the things you mentioned why at your young age…you already loved my country!!
    And one of them ended up marrying a Pilipina! I like the way you put into words some of the bad…
    disgusting Pilipino who criticized our sitting President.
    Since I started doing my duty …that is to vote, I always ended up disgusted by the President whom
    who were very nice in promising the HEAVEN AND EARTH. It was the first time where in my year as
    a retired school teacher that …I was really…really thankful that my votes were not put into shame!!!

    Thanks for loving my country, and always posting on FB …the real story and the happening of every
    event about our President and his detractors.God Bless and be safe always.


    The Teacher?

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