When Keiran Morgan walked into their house in one of the days of the year 2009, he heard what it seemed to be vocals coming from a CD player and asked his family to turn it off.

Much to his surprise, it was actually the voice of his daughter, then 8-year-old Arianna Morgan.

Fast forward to almost a decade later, this little girl is starting to take on the UK’s singing industry by storm, balancing gigs and her studies at the age of 17 years old.

A songbird was born

It’s no surprise that Arianna’s career is already shining at this age. What sets her apart is that she first released her single at just a mere age of 10 – the age when young girls and boys are barely even out of middle school.

It all started during her first singing gig at a charity event for a family friend with Proteus Syndrome. Little did they know that that day will be opening doors for` the 9-year-old Arianna. A producer approached her, telling her that it would be nice to work with the young girl. Two days of recording the song and a day dedicated to making the video led to the angelic rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird.

This catapulted Arianna into the limelight, making an impact on both her career and her life.

“To be honest it was overwhelming but it turned out beautiful and I was very proud of it. I still get goose bumps listening to it and watching it. Lots of people are now using my version at weddings so I’m very happy with how it turned out,” she said. She added that Songbird was such a beautiful song, the reason why she chose it to be her debut single. This even led her to releasing a disco version of it.

Songbird reached number 8 in the UK Top 100 Physical Sales Chart. Quite an amazing feat for someone who was barely out of her preteen years.

Got it from her momma

Some say that talent can be passed on from generation to generation. This might explain Arianna’s raw talent in singing and the fact that she exceled without even a single voice lesson.

Her mother, Lilia, hailed from Iligan, a city situated in the northern part of Mindanao, Philippines. In fact, Arianna was able to adapt one Filipino hobby when she was just around four or five years old, with her father recalling that she would sing karaoke at home back at such a young age.

Her parents met in Singapore where her father played football and her mother being a part of a band as a vocalist. When Arianna was six weeks old, the family made the decision to move back to the UK.

With her parents and her two other siblings, Arianna considers her family as her biggest inspiration – and she considers her father being quite influential in her career. Sharing the same talent with her mom, she also gets motherly advice when it comes to singing, saying that she should just enjoy it.

With younger siblings Shanelle and Brandon

The songbird continues to soar

Other than her golden voice, Arianna is quite also known for her golden heart. Her career started with just a simple day in a charity event and the following years after, she continues to give back. At 13 years old, she became the youngest ever ambassador for the Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts, became Heart Radio’s Fundraiser of the Year and has helped raise over £500,000 for different charities.

Barely even 20 years old and she was already able to receive the Jack Petchy achievement award as well as six gold awards for performing arts.

But just like any other girl, Arianna is still a simple 17 year old.  This means juggling school and career along with family, social life and other hobbies.

She’s currently taking up Psychology, Sociology, Core Maths and Biology and will be deciding her major next year.

To add, she said that she also enjoys all sports and like her father, used to play football a lot. She also loves spending lots of time with her family.

When asked about how she was able to commit to gigs while still being a grade A student, she said that she stays behind in school after exams to revise for exams then practice when she gets home in the evenings, more or less twice a week.

With that, what’s next for young Ms. Arianna Morgan?

Her love for singing will continue to shine as she has upcoming gigs in June, particularly the Hastings & St Leonard’s 2018 Celebrity Am & Concert on the 23rd and the Birmingham Sandwell West Midlands Filipino Festival on June 30 to July 1, where she will be performing with Filipino artist Jake Zyrus.  Arianna also has plans of bringing her talent to the Philippines, saying that she might do a concert or two in the future – something that her Filipino fans might want to look forward to.

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