I was named after my father Solomon. A comic that he is, he would call…


I was named after my father, Solomon. A comic that he is, he would call me every time there is a full moon and wittingly say “Sol…oh…moon.” The brief moments like that are now the memories I lovingly cherish.

Most of us have anecdotes to share when asked about our fathers. Some of them are amusing, even funny, while some are profound moments that stick with us all our lives. Whatever the case may be, I think we can all agree that fathers, like mothers, deserve a day when all their efforts are appreciated. Quite frankly, a day may not even be enough.

In line with this, we dedicate this issue to the loving fathers who continue to protect and guide their children. The first of our articles shows how Danny Favor, East Grinstead’s first Filipino deputy mayor, cares and inspires his entire family. The feature about Arianna Morgan is another account telling how a father can influence his children. In this article, the 17-year-old singer shared her journey in making a name in UK’s music scene and how her father takes part in it.

Between these stories is a feature on Kacey Coleen Lim, this year’s crowned Miss Summer World. A stunning beauty queen and law graduate, the part-Filipina narrates her story with undeniable sincerity, wisdom, and confidence.

To keep the Filipino culture alive in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, we have also covered the events that took place in celebration of the Independence Day and birth anniversary of Dr Jose Rizal. As always, our community events calendar is filled with the latest information on what to look forward to throughout the year.

Our contributor, Mizpah Lee, also shared her own story of being a Filipino in the UK. In utter honesty, she describes that although it was hard to leave the country she knew for all her life, she is still lucky to find a new city she called home in London. In a very different perspective, Malcolm Conlan shares how he fell in love with the Philippines and the Filipino people.

A collection of personal stories, community news, updates and more await you on the pages of this issue. We hope that all of these bring the Filipino spirit to wherever you are in the UK and Ireland. Happy reading!