Sunday night last April 22, at the London Earls Court Hotel, did not discourage people in the UK to gather for Super Tekla in London. Considering that there will be work the following day, the opportunity to be with Super Tekla was something they did not want to miss.

The show of attendance almost covered the different cities in the UK, not to mention Europe, as there were people who came all the way from Belgium. UK was the final stop of their Europe Tour. Super Tekla and company were not disappointed, as London had the biggest crowd of all the tour dates.

Martin D Icon joined Super Tekla on stage, iconic also with his towering hair-do as to complement the image of Super Tekla that’s popular to the public.  He introduced Tekla while doing his grand entrance adding excitement to finally having Tekla on the centre stage. His quips and jokes, never missed a single person in the crowd.

Their usual segment of getting people from the audience branded as “audience participation” was ALWAYS part of their repertoire. It was never a difficulty, as men willingly and selflessly volunteered themselves to be part of the game. The line up of men included Rodel Saycon from Dabawenyos UK and Regie Buelvo of 
Samahang Magdalo.

The audience were delighted that the most requested song of Tekla was performed, Celine Dione’s “My Heart Will Go On”. Roaring laughters reached their highest decibel, from the start until the end of the song. Almost all mobiles were up, just wanting to have their own keepsakes of the memories of the night.

Fronting the show were the selected local talents with the title of their own musical achievements in the league of competitions. Jahna Lucero, the Pinoy Teen Pop Superstar, opened the show, followed by Marinel, The Teen Diva from EuroPinoy Talent Centre, Aldrin Dagui, the TFCKat UK Champion 2013 and Videoke Champion 2012 and the one who pumped-up the audience before the final act, Gaga Lord from the X-Factor UK 2017.

To most attendees, the show was worth every penny they paid for, although for some they felt a bit short-change. But on the whole, it was an enjoyable and satisfying show.

The  event was roduced by SimplyC PR & Events and Fil-Brit Services Newcastle.

Photos by Des Withey

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