Behind every triumph, performance and event is a journey…


Behind every triumph, performance and event is a journey worth hearing; behind every Filipino is a story worth reading. And these tales, no matter their nature, deserve to see print and be brought to life.

As bearers of good news, we are thrilled to inform you that all the inspiring stories of Filipinos based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland have now found their new home — and you are holding it in your hand. Mabuhay and welcome to the first issue of Yes Philippines News Magazine, the first ever truly local Filipino paper in the UK and the ROI from cover to cover.

On our maiden issue, we had the pleasure to tell the stories of noteworthy Filipinos who have carved their names on various fields. To start things off, we feature Rowena Romulo, a banker turned restaurateur, who gave the people of Kensington High Street the distinctive taste of Filipino dishes through her award-winning restaurant, Romulo Café.

Following that delicious story of success is a feature about Jeannahlyn Alcano-Lord, a dinner lady and an ultimate performer who has made a remarkable impression as an X Factor sensation. Originally from Misamis Occidental, Jeannahlyn is now making a name in London as the ever-energetic and -talented Gaga Lord.

A few pages after Jeannahlyn’s story you’ll meet Francezqua Ward, a FilBrit ballerina, who never fails to charm her audiences and make both the Filipino and the UK communities proud with her graceful and eloquent performances. Last but not least is the feature of presidential fashion consultant Mimi Parrel Pimentel and her experience showing her works in the London fashion scene.

Of course, we won’t be calling ourselves the creators of the first ever truly localFilipino community paper if we can’t give you the freshest updates on community news and events. So, expect to stumble upon local bits while you dip into the paper.

You will also get some practical financial tips as our contributor Micah Lee shared some ways on how to achieve or maintain financial security in a world of student loans, trend buying and obsessive-comparison tendencies, among other things.

Features, local news, showbiz bits and more are waiting for you. But before I end this letter and you leaf through the paper, allow me to thank you for being among the first persons to support us and read our thoughtfully written stories. As we create this pioneering paper, we are starting a new tradition of celebrating the lives and stories of the Filipinos in the UK and ROI. And no words can express how glad we are to have you on our journey.

Happy reading and we hope to see you again on the next issue.