Love her or hate her, you can’t deny it is difficult for you to pretend you don’t care about her life and issues. But still, you find yourself commenting on her threads. In the end, she wins because it’s either you agree with her, or get pissed with her answers to your insults. That’s Kris Aquino.

In this age of the Internet, where numbers of likes and shares matter to advertisers, it is very challenging to professional marketers to gain attention as their competitors invest sizable budgets for Facebook ads. But if you have Kris Aquino, you may not need a Facebook boost.

No doubt that Kris is still the queen of endorsements and media after she shares her drama on social media. With that, there are a few takeaways that every digital marketing professional should learn:

She shares her life experiences

Once dubbed as a Queen of Talk, her life is an open book. Apparently, she’s living in a long-running reality show, where her every move is a big deal to the public.

Working in media for many years, she has established a gift of rapport with the public. Apart from that, she knows all sorts of “chikas” from showbiz and politics. Since most Filipinos are familiar and even updated of her personal life, they either disdain her or empathise with her.

She’s tactless

Kris is known for being tactless, and she quickly says what’s on her mind. Not everyone is a fan of her attitude, especially her detractors. However, you can’t deny that her sometimes thoughtless utterance is one her endearing traits.

She responds to trolls for a purpose

It’s easy to make multiple accounts on social media. Currently, the media and the public are facing a challenge of delineating fake news to the real ones because of the trolls. Apart from spreading fake news, they exist to insult you if you don’t agree with their views. Usually, people choose not to fight with the trolls. But Kris fights the trolls for a purpose.  She is ready to fight them to protect her family especially her sons, and won’t tolerate bullying.

She has time to promote the brands amidst her feud with her frenemies

Just recently, the queen of all media threw shade at ex-husband James Yap and former co-host Korina Sanchez in her much publicised rants. But despite washing her dirty laundry in public in her Instagram posts, she would  unabashedly assert her being an endorsement queen by  inserting her brands  in  her posts.

She would not regret her actions

She is known for admitting her mistakes. But after admitting some mistakes, she adds that she never regretted her actions.

She promotes love after ranting.

Amidst controversies, she never forgets to thank God and promote love. She thanks God for the blessings she receives every day. So it is not easy to hate Kris for so long.


  1. Hi madam Kris Aquino tulungan mo Ang ating mga kababayan NASA squater area. Tignan mo Ang lugar ng flaviano st. Karuhatan. Ayusin mo Ang Kanilang tirahan. Valenzuela Po iyan

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