Filipinos have been described in many different ways and while each Filipino is unique, the great majority of the Philippine population is bound together by a set of common values and some stereotypical traits that make the Pinoy race distinct from other cultures.

Friendly? Check. Outgoing? Check. Clever? Check. Sure, Filipinos get a dose of compliments for being a happy, hospitable stock but there are a lot of things that makes one more Pinoy.

So what makes you a great Filipino typecast? Here, we have listed the 10 best traits of a stereotypical Pinoy.

Note: Get ready with your pen and paper and let’s see how you fare.

1. You love Karaoke more than anything else. Whether you sing well or not (which we think is a rare case), karaoke is a huge part of your life. Have you tried that videoke for rent where you type in the number code of your all-time hit song? Or that one that requires you to drop some 5 peso coin to pay your favourite ‘My Way’ piece? Or maybe you have a magic sing at home? Whatever the occasion is, karaoke will always be a part of every celebration. This is because Pinoys have an immense love for music and the singing prowess runs in your blood. Right?

2. You offer everyone food. Filipinos live by the line “kain tayo” or let’s eat. It can mean you offering food to a friend or relative or even to a stranger or passersby, even if your baon (packed lunch) is hardly enough for you. It may not be a real invitation to eat but more of a courteous way of telling people that you’re about to eat (or is currently munching on something) and you can share your food if they’d like to.

3. You can cook (well) and you find joy in eating. Now, this is something unquestionable. Wherever you come from or whatever locality you’re representing, you surely know how to cook one specialty or two. Are you a Kapampangan? You probably know all the existing sisig variants? Batangueño? Ala eh! Let’s have some Bulalo! You love to cook because you also love to eat. No diet when it comes to Pinoy food because Pangga, who doesn’t find joy in eating?

4. You’ve tried and you love exotic dishes, for sure. From the chill ones like Isaw and Tapang Kabayo to the extreme types like Kinilaw na Tamilok from Palawan and Aklan (Shipworm or Woodworm dipped in Salt and Vinegar, Abuos (Ant Eggs) from Ilocos and Adobong Kamaru (Mole Cricket), from Pampanga, we’re pretty sure you’ve tried some of these “out of this world” dishes and you enjoyed them, yes?

5. You treat everyone as family. Everyone is ate, kuya, tita and tito! No one’s left out and your definition of friendship and kababayan is inclusive just like a real family. You share your food, your home, your things and even your clothes because that’s what kinship means to you.

6. You’re into basketball. You don’t have to play good ball but you just love the idea of the game, period. You can play in the streets or in an actual court. You know Jawo not as a senator but as the playing coach and you give your all for that “Never Say Die” chant! Whatever team you’re supporting, you surely know some of the most famous monickers and you’re always gunning for the sharp shooters!

7. You call on the Lord for everything, literally. “Haru Diyos ko!” (Oh, my Lord), “Susmariosep” (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) are just some of the words Filipinos use as part of the every day life “subset”. Whether you’re intentionally calling the Lord or not, these expressions can somehow connote your inclination to the Catholic faith and Sus, you love these words very much!

8. Your resilience is tried and tested. Been through a disaster? Sure you’ll mourn about it but you’ll rise up in a few. Made a bad decision? You know you’ll get through everything like your favourite local hero. Pinoys are positive individuals whose resiliency is definitely immeasurable and this character is something this race is very proud of.

9. You’re humour is universal. You can make people laugh and you take serious situations lightly. Your virtue is, let’s have some good time and let’s throw a joke or a pickup line (without offending others).

10. You know “pakikisama” is the key to having a good relationship with people – and you know that bonds are built in trust and friendship.

So now, how Pinoy are you?

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